Horticulture & Hydroponics research mission from Australia to India

From 3 November to 13 November Tony Bundock of Genesis Horticulture Solutions will be leading a research project in India on “POTENTIAL AUSTRALIA-INDIA COLLABORATION ON HYDROPONIC & PROTECTED CROP PRODUCTION AND TRAINING”.

Tony is clear that the mission is not taking a “one size fits all” solution but will genuinely  research potential Australia-India Horticulture Collaboration – understanding the state of play in this sector in India – identifying business and education/skills training opportunities and partnerships. He aims to identify levels of support in both countries for showcasing best practices in controlled cropping/hydroponics and for provision of skills training and train-the-trainer through Australian education/TAFE partners.


Funding support has been provided for the first research stage by the Australia India Council, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Government of Australia.

I am really pleased to be joining Tony on this mission.