Austrade and Amazon provide “your passage to online India”

Vegemite will make its way into Indian shoppers’ online baskets after the launch of an Amazon Australia store there – possibly the most exciting India news for Aussie consumer goods exporters.

The Aussie shop at Amazon India already has Australian brands including Capilano, Swisse, Sukin, Gaia Skin Naturals, Australis, Sanitarium, Sun Rice, Orgran, Australia’s Own and the Byron Bay Chilli Co available immediately.


Why is this so exciting? India has just been a distant dream, a major hassle, a demanding market with too many markets, too many restrictions and challenges at every turn. Going with this online alternative makes it accessible, sensible and possible.

Up to now, India is Australia’s fifth-largest export market and is tipped to be the third biggest economy in the world by 2035, behind China and the US. This could well up the priority of India for Australian exporters.


Who can play in this new space? Australian food, health, fashion, sporting goods, home care and lifestyle brands.

The online store gives local Australian businesses easier access to 450 million internet users in India out of the population of 1.3 billion.

How do you get into this online space?

You still have to know about India, the market and the trends. You also have to know where you might fit in this scene. You would expect me to say this – but having someone here who knows India has been a key for almost every successful exporter to India.

Then team up with Austrade and Amazon for your “passage to online India”.



Author: Stephen Manallack

Former President, Australia India Business Council, Victoria and Author, You Can Communicate; Riding the Elephant; Soft Skills for a Flat World (published by Tata McGraw-Hill INDIA); Communicating Your Personal Brand. Director, EastWest Academy Pty Ltd and Trainer/Speaker/Mentor in Leadership, Communication and Cross Cultural Communication. Passionate campaigner for closer western relations with India. Stephen Manallack is a specialist on “Doing Business with India” and advisor/trainer on “Cross-Cultural Understanding”. He is a Director of EastWest Academy Pty Ltd which provides strategic advice and counsel regarding business relations with India. A regular speaker in India on leadership and global communication, his most recent speaking tour included a speech to students of the elite Indian university, Amity University, in Noida. He also spoke at a major Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) global summit, the PR Consultants Association of India in Delhi, the Symbiosis University in Pune and Cross-Cultural Training for Sundaram Business Services in Chennai. He has visited India on business missions on 10 occasions and led three major trade missions there. He provides cross-cultural training – Asia and the west.

5 thoughts on “Austrade and Amazon provide “your passage to online India””

  1. Stephen
    Based in Sydney I am excited about this amazing opportunity.

    How can I pursue it further as Trader.

    Rajesh shah


      1. It is significant that this comment and question have come from an Indian-Australian.It is the Indian diaspora that will spearhead this Australian brand movement to India.India’s retail industry is now highly professionalized with hundreds of young entrepreneurs educated in the best universities in the world and deeply familiar with the retail market trends and practices around the world.It is this young entrepreneurial generation that is transforming India’s retail landscape, both online and brick and mortar.Hundreds of shopping malls, supermarket chains and consumer stores are springing up across Indian cities and towns along with rising online models.My suggestion to you, Rajesh, will be to launch your products both on line and offline as the two marketing styles exist side by side.Australian cookies and chocolates,, fruits and fruit juices, wines and spirits,health and beauty products,fashion garments and sport goods are increasingly seen on the shelves of India’s retail shops.India is also increasingly becoming a brand -conscious country and every wayside coffee shop is dreaming to become a Starbuck!

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  2. Hi Stephen
    We would be interested is finding out more information about Amazon in India. We manufacture FMCG in the skin care sector. Targeting skin care for skin issues.
    I look forward to hearing from you.


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