India will respond to China’s power on its own terms, not as a junior partner of the USA

Sometimes the shortest messages are the best.

Good friend and colleague Vinay Sarawagi is Senior Vice President Digital for the Times Network and is based in Delhi.

If you think India has shifted “our way” or is ready to follow “our friends” then here is some food for thought – so simply and elegantly put by Vinay.

🌍 India’s growing role in containing China’s power will be on its own terms, not as an appendage of the United States.

🤝 Collaborating with India in the Indian Ocean and developing niche military capabilities can strengthen the US-Indian partnership for regional security.

🔒 A realistic and resilient strategic partnership with India can contribute to stability without imposing unreasonable expectations, benefiting both nations and deterring potential crises.

Makes sense to me – INTO INDIA has long had reservations about the cheerleaders who think via the QUAD and other moves that India is somehow now part of the US alliance.

Not happening.

Old and new in India celebrated in stunning textiles exhibition at Melbourne Museum

Art in both traditional and contemporary form is alive and thriving in India, judging by a beautiful exhibition at the Melbourne Museum.

Sutr Santati curated by Lavina Baldota of the Abheraj Baldota Foundation is worth seeing for the quality and innovation of the objects, which is matched by the display which adds to the beauty.

I was enthralled – but when I saw the great Mahatma Gandhi featured in one of the pieces, I just stopped and admired the way this exhibition pays homage to the history of free India and yet celebrates modern innovation.

It made me realise that it is only a little over 75 years when India had some of the finest FREEDOM FIGHTERS in the history of human struggle to be free.

Make sure you see this soon!

Celebrating 75 years of India’s independence, Sutr Santati showcases 75 hand-woven textiles created by contemporary Indian designers.

In May 2023, Melbourne Museum welcomes international exhibition Sutr Santati: Then. Now. Next. Stories of India woven in thread. Conceived and curated by Lavina Baldota of the Abheraj Baldota Foundation, the exhibition brings together diverse textile traditions of the country, conceived and created by some of its most prominent artisans, craftspeople and designers.

Sutr Santati means ‘continuity of thread’ in Hindi. As the exhibition title, it is a metaphor for ongoing dialogues in Indian culture and society, which shape its evolution, bridging the past with the future. The exhibition’s curatorial vision seeks to promote the ideals of organic and slow consumerism in reflecting India’s identity and the inherent collective, collaborative efforts which are required to push towards such goals.

The themes, techniques and materials of specially commissioned fabrics in the exhibition are viewed through the lens of innovation. In doing so, they reinforce the value of fabric – an important legacy of Indian independence – to define the country’s contemporary artistic landscape, and to push its creativity into the future.

Heartiest congratulations to Lynley Crosswell, CEO, Museums Victoria, and Rohini Kappadath, General Manager, Immigration Museum – you have given us a special opportunity to gain insights into India.

Lessons on doing business in India – from WALMART and APPLE

Apple’s new store in BKC, Mumbai

Lessons on doing business in India.

WALMART has a strong presence in India but has also actively pursued partnerships so it can export US$10 billion of Indian manufacturing – helping the Make In India campaign.

Notable it also has a Walmart Foundation there.

APPLE on the other hand wanted retail outlets there, so it is moving 25% of its global iPhone production to India.

And guess what?

It has just opened its first two India Apple stores – Mumbai and Delhi.

Lessons in partnerships, fitting in, investing, doing good and supporting Government programs.

Not saying they are perfect but we can learn from them.